Polychromos Review - Faber Castell Colored Pencils

Here is my handy dandy Polychromos review of Faber Castell colored pencils.  I’ll go over brief highlights and then go into the pros and cons. I’ll also provide a demo video of them in action.

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Key Highlights:

  • Acid Free – (pretty standard among professional pencils)
  • Water Resistant & Smudge Proof
  • High Light Fastness – Your colors don’t fade when exposed to light.
  • Extra Durable – Break-resistant due to SV bonding
  • No Wax Bloom! 🙂

What size set should I get, 120 or 60? 

Most professionals are fine with a 60 piece set since they can combine colors to achieve different colors.  This allows you to save some money too.  I would not go any lower than that.  You can definitely make tons of realistic artwork with a 60 piece set.

Should I get Wax or Oil Colored Pencils?

These are oil based. A lot of professionals use BOTH Oil Colored pencils and Wax colored pencils together on a piece. There are different benefits of each one. Oils are great for detail work and don’t have wax bloom. You can build up as much colors as you want.

You can check out these Polychromos pencils here.

Review - Faber Castell Colored Pencils Polychromos set



Polychromos Review – Pros & Cons


You have to press down more: You have to press a little bit harder to lay down color. This isn’t a big deal, but it will definitely feel different from wax based colored pencils at first.  You’ll get used to it pretty quickly and the harder lead feels like you have more control.

The White Pencil: The white colored pencil does not layer as well on top of colors.  What most professionals do is they use these pencils and buy a separate wax based white colored pencil.  This Luminance white pencil is a great choice.


Excellent Color Laydown:  The Polychromos colored pencils color extremely well.  They take a bit more force to lay down color than wax website link.  It takes just a little bit of getting use to.

Built for Detail Work: These are my go to colored pencils when doing any kind of detail work. The lead is harder because they are oil based which allows the lead to last A LOT longer.

Blends extremely well:  Since these are oil colored pencils, they blend really well.  You can also keep blending on top of other colors without worrying about the wax bloom issue with wax based pencils.  Here’s a tip: You can use mineral spirits to blend colors more, it will give it a wash effect.

Do you Sharpen often? No. With these babies, you hardly ever sharpen them compared to wax based pencils like the prismacolor pencils.  You spend less time sharpening and more time on your art.

Is there any Wax Bloom?: The bad thing about colored pencils is that there is the horrible wax bloom effect. LUCKILY, oil colored pencils don’t have this issue! One of the key benefits to

Do the Pencils break easily?  These are some of the best pencils made. Unlike the prismacolor pencils which have a bad reputation for breaking and being off center which causes A LOT of issues when sharpening.

Light Fastness: These pencils have EXCELLENT light fastness which pretty much means that your colors won’t fade over time when exposed to light.  Extremely important if you want your art to last for years and years to come and still hold the same brilliance.

Price:  The price is a little expensive, but are on par with any other professional grade colored pencil.


If you are a serious artist, we highly recommend these pencils Polychromos pencils.

You can purchase them here.

It is one of the best set of pencils to get and many artists choose this brand of pencil.  Stay away from the Prismacolor pencils due to their quality and breakage issues, but many artist and people use them, some people are just good with their hands for pencil or play with those small fidget spinners more than the the V2 is out now so they get better at those.

This concludes our Faber Castell Color Pencil Polychromos review, hope it was helpful!