Are you looking for an awesome, retro Magnum PI shirt or maybe the famous Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirt that Tom Selleck wears in the hit TV series Magnum PI?  Look no further my friends, as a huge Magnum PI fan, I’ve searched them all!

Are you looking for the Red Magnum PI Shirt that’s a Hawaiian style shirt and also a button down? Well there’s great news, I have found the EXACT same replica of Tom’s shirt, it’s called “Paradise Found Jungle Bird” and it’s a red Hawaiian buttoned down shirt.


Hawaiian Paradise Found Jungle Bird in Red

This is the exact shirt that Tom Selleck wore in the hit TV series “Magnum PI”. All the customers who buy this shirt give it great reviews.  The shirt is a little more than your traditional one, but this is a NICE shirt, great quality, and it’s the exact replica he wore.  You can get the shirt at the below link.

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Here is a cheaper version, not exact though.


Epic Magnum PI 80’s Retro Tee

Magnum PI ShirtI love this EPIC Magnum PI shirt! It’s available  here at Gearbubble.  It’s an 80’s replica with Tom Selleck in the forefront with an awesome sunset and his Ferrari in the front.

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Other Tom Selleck and the Magnum PI Shirt Designs

Magnum PI ShirtA very nice illustration of Tom Selleck with his red hawaiian shirt from Magnum PI.  I love how the shirt is comprised of two colors, red and black.

Magnum PI Shirt

Do you get the shirt design? Do you see the Pi sign? Magnum and PI? This is a great and clever concept!


Magnum PI TV Series Starring Tom Selleck

An American actor born in Detroit, Michigan in the United States in January 29th 1945. Tom is best known for portraying as Thomas magnum in the Hawaii based television series Magnum PI in 1980-1988 and Frank Reagan in the CBS-TV series blue blood in 2010. Other TV series are Jesse stone (2006) Quigley down under (1990). He is also known as mustache.

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Here is Magnum PI wearing his famous Hawaiian Print button Down Shirt

Early Life and Education

Born in Michigan in 1945, moved with his family to San Fernando Valley in 1948. He grew up in Sherman oaks in California. He studied in grant high school, Pepperdine university Beverly Hills playhouse acting school. He joined the University of Southern California as a basketball player. Tom appeared in small TV shows and movies until he became a hitting star in the movie magnum Pi in 1980 and since then he has been a low-level actor mostly as a recurring actor.

Family life

Tom Selleck – Son to Martha s. Jagger and Robert d. Selleck. His father was born in Slovakia and now a real estate investor in Selleck properties and his mother was a home maker. Tom had two brothers. In 1971-1982 he was married to model Jacqueline ray and they adopted a son kelvin Selleck. The two divorced in 1982 and married a second wife Jillie Mack in 1987 whom they had a daughter Hannah Margaret Selleck in December 16 1988. He has been in marriage life for over 30 years. His family lives in the hidden valley California surrounded by several oak trees in a 60 acre ranch legendary.

Awards Tom Selleck Won

  • TV land hero award
  • Golden globe award best performance by an actor in a television series. After taking a great acting part in the magnum PI.
  • People`s choice award for favorite all-round male entertainer.
  • People’s choice award for favorite male performer
  • Prime time Emmy award for outstanding lead actor in a drama series

Unknown Tom Selleck facts

  • He has been in marriage life for over 30 years. Tom loves his family and support his family this made Hannah to grow up in a loving and caring family. Despite of all his commitment he makes sure that he goes home for a family dinner every evening.
  • He has recently done voice-overs for MSNBC promos.
  • Height of 6`4 tall according to
  • Served in the 160th infantry of the California army national guard during the Vietnam era as a spokesman.
  • Tom Selleck is an NRA member and a proud Christian, he is also a patriot.
  • Living in the dry state in California, Tom Selleck was once accused by the law suit for stealing special hydrated truck of water, tom said that the water was for his 60 acre ranch. Tom said that he had bought the water
  • Psst… you should get a Magnum PI shirt! It’s limited 35 year edition reprint!

Tom fancies baseball as well as acting and got to play major league baseball player (in 1992`s Mr. Baseball).

Tom is also a writer and wrote part of the Jesse stone film.

His net worth is estimated to be $25 million this is from the richest

One thing that will always be known for generations about Tom Selleck is that passion is what derives everyone to unleash their full potential in life. It is passion that let him be the best actor during his time, leaving an imprint that future thespians will always look forward to copying.

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