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Are you looking for a hilarious Dr Steve Brule shirt? You’ve come to the right place! I’m a HUGE fan of Steve Brule, I have every DVD from Tim and Eric’s Awesome show great job and have watched almost every episode. So naturally, I wanted some funny shirts to show off to my friends. I began to search EXTENSIVELY to find the funniest shirts out there. So are you ready for the shirts I found?

If you love Steve Brule, then you’ll LOVE his new series on DVD, Check it Out!

sweet berry wine shirt Dr Steve Brule

Sweet Berry Wine Shirt!

After no good sweet berry wine shirts out there, I designed this one and I love it! And if you’ve seen Steve Brule’s clip on this, you know what I’m talking about then!  It’s your time to finally own a professionally designed Dr Steve Brule shirt (sweet berry wine shirt)!


IN A VARIETY OF COLORS TOO! Blue, black, red, green, grey and more!




Living On Your Lonesome 

This is an awesome shirt design inspired by an episode that Dr Steve Brule does called “Living On Your Lonesome”.  In the video he gives you tips about how you can not be so dang lonely all the time.


“The second Tip! Go to bed Early you Doofus!

Because when you’re sleeping…

There’s no lonely times…

Just Dreams”


Get Off Your Duff, Exercise Aerobics Class, Dr Steve Brule Shirt Design

Get Off Your Duff Aerobics Shirt!

This is one of my favorite shirts of Dr Steve Brule.  This is the episode where he teaches an aerobics work out class.

Some Dr Steve Brule Quotes that stand out to me are:

  • “Hunks aren’t good listeners, sorry Doug.”
  • “Get off your Duff!”
  • “If you’re such a Hunk, why are you in my class?”



Didn’t find a Dr Steve Brule shirt design you liked? Let me know in the comments below what you want and I’LL DESIGN IT!

Other Dr Steve Brule Shirt Designs that aren’t mine.

Check it out – Ya Dingus

A nice portrait of Dr Brule
Brule always says Dingus

This program contains several other characters like Doug Prishpreed, Terry Bruge-Hiplo, Scott Clam, etc. The program has completed with three seasons and each season includes six episodes. If you want to watch the 1st and 2nd series, you can buy the DVD. Its DVD is out now in the market. Most of the TV viewers said that his facial clumsiness and expressions just added to the comedy of the show. After watching this program, most of the time you can laugh. But the time of this program is really short – If you

Bill Grates Invented Michaelsoft Dr Steve Brule ShirtI personally think that my Sweet Berry Wine Shirt is better than this one.

Check it Out  –  Check It Out is a one of the popular TV series and in this serial we watch Brule as he inspects diverse surfaces of living. His strict naivety and social ineptness usually lands him in awkward situations, though he mostly remains unaware. Each and every episode starts with a lyric or poem pertaining to the main topic of the show and Dr Steve Brule take the credit. As the program progresses, he reveals different kinds of horrifying and shocking information about his personal and past life like his mother illuminating that she would toxic or poison the food when he was a kid to “slow him down.” Get

Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job

It’s each and every show includes some facts like in the second episode, Dr. Steve eats on different seafood and he want to hides his wallet from a pirate. Carol krabit news on the climate. In the second episode, Dr. Steve receives career counsel and goes betting. Doug prishpreed provides a sports update. In the third episode Dr. Steve looks for the enjoyment in the entire its forms. Brown look at him. The manager of base up supports bottoms up. In the fourth episode, Dr. Steve Brule discovers about the world. And the guest starring Tim Heidecker along with Eric wareheim. And they watched movie Reviews with the Terry Bruge-Hiplo. In the fifth episode, DR Steve Brule provides us information about animals. Big announcement from Meyer’s and Toad’s super foods. In the sixth episode, he teaches of a man called mobin. Sports with fortunes and Prispreed with krabit

That’s why you need a DR Steve Brule Shirt!

John C Reilly

The actor John C Reilly plays Dr Steve Brule.  Check out this interesting interview from vanity fair.

Critical reaction has been optimistic, with numerous reviewers highlighting character of Brule while messaging the artistic qualities as a parallel to other TV productions. The program has acquired positive, decisive reception; these series actually taught us several factors easily. It’s not only a simple show, but it also a series through which we can learn more and more information. The first season or episode premiered on 16th may, 2010 and in conducted on 20th June, 2010. And its second season also premiered on 18th March, 2012 and it screened in the US, and its final season aired on 22nd April, 2012.

8 bit Dr Steve Brule ShirtHere is another Dr Steve Brule shirt that you might want to check out.

Presently, if you wish, you can get their DVD from the market. The second and first episodes DVD were released on 16th October, 2012. And The Adult Swim, in a statement made before its open presentation, exposed Check It Out! To be a recurring screen for its 2015-16 timetables in May of 2016. People are expecting to watch this time more funny and informative facts on this series. According to the director producer Tim Heidecker, in the series actually interviews genuine people whose responses are real. So, watch this series and get more knowledge about the latest facts. This shirt will be really funny to the kind of people who’s always watching movies and playing games and get their game gear from HotRate and other online sites.

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