Thin Markers for Work Professionals and Artists

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One of our top selections of thin markers are these Prismacolor markers. They work great as artist pens and perfect for the office

Prismacolor thin markers are really useful pens. The markers can be used for several different applications and the purchaser will not be disappointed with their performance. These pens are of such a great quality that they could be used extensively for archiving and scrap booking. They tend not to smear, which is even more important if you one of the 15% of the population that is left-handed. They are also some of the longest lasting pens that many have used for inking and artwork in recent years. They provide a steady flow of ink for an inordinate amount of time, which means they are cost-efficient since replacement is a rarity.

What are Prismacolor Thin Markers & Pens?

Unlike regular Marker pens, many believe that Prismacolor thin markers are the top brand for their purposes, they also have some design flaws and drawbacks to use. To eliminate any doubt that Prismacolor pens are the best product for your particular needs, we broke down the pros and cons associated with the product into a comprehensive list. Here is what we found:


These thin markers are simply the best out there for use in adult coloring books. If you have extensive experience with these publications, you will realize quite early that not all pens are created equal. Prismacolor markers come in a variety of beautiful colors and feature an amazingly versatile brush tip for different uses. They do not bleed through pages, which paramount if you prefer not to remove the pages from your coloring books. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an artist, the ease of these pens’ use will make you feel like you are in no time!

There are many easy ways to make the product work creatively. You can purchase a color wheel to study how specific shades combine. This will result in a multitude of special effects and unique color combinations that you may not have believed possible. You can even create a color wheel to experiment with, if necessary.

While you may believe that the tips are a bit small to cover larger areas, the brush nib is actually designed specifically to be the perfect size and shape to fill in smaller areas. It is also ideal for drawing fine lines. The tips are extraordinarily simple to use and provide nice, smooth strokes, always leaving an even amount of ink on the paper.

The set features a great color selection with large variety of different shades of each particular hue. Each can be multi-layered to increase saturation or produce a blending effect. The depth and brightness of the pigmentation are incredible, and the pens seem to work equally well across all different types of media.

The pen set comes in a handy carrying box for easy storage and convenient access when it is in use.

Crafters and scrapbookers have commented that despite purchasing several brands of thin markers over the years, Prismacolor markers have been shown to outlast the competition, even if they are much older. They can sit unused in the drawer for years, yet still work properly when needed.


Prismacolor pens can be a bit pricey, but they are worth the cost due to their fine quality. Cheaper pens will not stand up to multiple uses and the tips are more likely to fray.

The tips can at times be fragile, and some have been reported to split completely off. Others have fine hairs that split from the tips, and while this can provide some cool effects, it does cause the ink to leak out unexpectedly. Still, Prismacolor pens are stronger than almost any other brand out there and will work well if you do not press down too hard on the tips.

They do not come with their own color wheel, and you may have to make your own or purchase one separately. This could make it more difficult to try different mixtures and blends of multiple colors.

While each pen contains the color name and number code printed on its side, they are nearly impossible to read. The text is quite small and in a color that often blends with the color of the pen case.

It can take quite a bit of digging to find the names of the 12 colors that are not included in the 48 pen set. Even if costs a bit more, it is best to purchase the 60 pen set and have those colors available.

In conclusion, most reviews that you find regarding Prismacolor pen sets are positive, and even the slight criticisms that make the rounds are not really deal breakers. If you are looking for sturdy thin markers that saturate, yet don’t bleed or smudge, and come in a wide array of shades for multiple purposes, you should try Prismacolor pens. They may be a tad more expensive, but you will save in the long run since quality pens are built to last and will not immediately dry out.

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